KC TP38R Turbo 66/73 – 7.3 Powerstroke (94-97) OBS

Code: 300277
  • 1994-1997 Ford Powerstroke 7.3
  • 4″ Ported Housing w/ Drilled Hole Anti-Surge For High Flow
  • 66mm 7×7 SXE Style Compressor Wheel w/ Extended Tip Technology
  • 73mm SXE Style Turbine Wheel
  • High Flow Deleted EBPV Outlet Flange
  • Dual Ball Bearing Turbo
  • 100% Drop In Turbo
  • Comes w/ All Gaskets & O-Rings To Install
  • Comes w/ new 4″ Intake Boot


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We have updated our OBS turbos to the new style which is based on the popular s366sxe design.

Well it is finally here, we spent the last year working on updates for our popular tp38r turbo. We kept hearing about how great the s366sxe was… but with it being a standard rotation t4 turbo, it can be a little expensive to install on these trucks because it requires a “t4 kit”. We wanted to see how a reverse rotation, drop in, 366sxe turbo would perform in our dual ball bearing tp38r turbo frame… 1 year later the tp38r 366 was born and the results are AMAZING! It spools faster, runs cooler, and makes more power. All testers reported how much cooler and cleaner their trucks run with the updated version. Some reported a 200 degree drop in EGTs. The power comes on so much stronger and quicker with this new turbo, which makes towing and daily driving so much better.

Although the turbo still has a 66mm compressor wheel, it is drastically different. It is a larger, 7×7 wheel and is modeled after the 366sxe compressor wheel… same profile, shape, and blade style, except it is reverse rotation. This wheel is not only bigger, but stronger. It has thicker blades, thicker hub, and thicker backing, this makes it much less prone to fatigue and wheel burst.

The turbine wheel is much larger, 74mm vs the old 70mm. It is also a much taller wheel with larger blades. It does not just share the same “dimensions” of the sxe wheels. It is the same shape, size, thickness, and blade profile as the s366sxe turbine wheel. Please see the pics below to fully understand how much different the new wheel is. (even though the turbine wheel is much larger, it still spools much faster. It is crazy what modern turbo technology can do to a 20 year old turbo design). Most people focus too much on the “compressor wheel” because that is what everyone can see, but the fact of the matter is 90% of the “turbo magic” comes from the turbine side of the turbo, and we did our due diligence to make this the best option on the market.

We also increased the thickness of the shaft to support the extra power and help make our turbos even more robust. No other drop in 7.3 turbo on the market runs a larger shaft. 6.4mm vs 7.5mm

Recommended Injectors: 238CC/80%

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